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Helo Everyone ^^ Just a small info for those who are following my modding progress and the drawings of cards. First of I wanna say sorry for being so silent with new updates on DA. I literaly still got 4000 more arts of friends to chek and fav and put in right folders XD But all of that was caused by me spending a lot of time in Skyrim Creation Kit... And Shogun 2. But mostly creation kit. I made a huuuuuge progres and if it keeps up whole mod may be done in 2 months. Depends how quick I will do the cards and how long programin will take me. Still shouldnt be that long

Card List:

1.Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
2.Vince *3 :iconfinishedplz:
3.Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
4.Cute Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
5.Kintaro *3 :iconfinishedplz:
6.Kintaro as Vella *4 :iconfinishedplz:
7.Kintaro in his female Disguise *2 :iconfinishedplz:
8.Aspeni *3 :iconfinishedplz:
9.Trace day version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
10.Trace Night Version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
11.Isabelle *2 :iconredxplz:
12.Crank *2 :iconredxplz:
13.Derpy *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
14.(Not sure of name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconpony-berserker:
15.Maul Pie *1 :iconredxplz:
16.(Forgot Name) :iconredxplz: :iconka-samy:
17.Reinflak *2 :iconredxplz: :iconsrmario:
18.Cherry (Scarlet Daugther) *2 :iconredxplz:
19.Cleo (Scarlet Daugther)*2 :iconredxplz:
20.Switch *2 :iconredxplz:
21.Eve *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
22.Princess Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
23.Princess Celestia *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
24.Savis :iconfinishedplz:
25.Octavia *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
26.Vinyl Scratch *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
27.Leprekaun Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
28.Spit Fire *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
29.Queen Chrysalis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
30.Winter Dominus *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconwinterdominus:
31.Azure *2  :iconredxplz: :iconaz-derped-unicorn:
32.Azura *2  :iconredxplz: :iconaz-derped-unicorn:
33.Hazard *3 :iconfinishedplz: :icondrakon-fireblade:
34.Lemon Mint *3 (Trace Daugther) :iconredxplz:
35.Kandycorn *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
36.Luna Clearwing in costume *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
37.Luna Clearwing *1 :iconredxplz: :iconkittyfiction:
38.Rainbow Dash *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
39.Fluttershy *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
40.Rarity *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
41.Twilight Sparkle *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
42.Applejack *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
43.Pinkie Pie *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
44.Sleepy *1 :iconredxplz: :iconsixpathsoffriendship:
45.Officer Mandall *4 (Head of Mana Hive forces) :iconredxplz:
46.Alba *2 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
47.German *1 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
48.Skethy *2 :iconredxplz: :iconkatotter:
49.Bitter Taste *1 :iconredxplz: :iconmemorynumber:
50.Gamer Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
51.Sharp Tone *2 :iconredxplz: :iconsharptone:
52.Spa Twin Blue (Forgot Name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
53.Spa Twin Pink (Forgot Name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
54.Platan *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
55.Cool Platan *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
56.Filly Silverwind *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
57.Silverwind *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
58.Cool Silverwind *4 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
59.Silverwind with Icecream *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
60.Doctiry *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
61.Doctiry with Honey *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
62.Magma Changeling *1 :iconfinishedplz:
63.Cooper *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconcooper31:
64.Amanita *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconw0nderbolts:
65.Tomato *1 :iconredxplz: :iconinvictuscastar:
66.Ronin *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconmagistrix52:
67.Trixie *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
68.Confused Flik *4 :iconfinishedplz:
69.Misty Rose *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz:
70.Eisenfell *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconeisenfell:
71.Summer Haze *2 :iconredxplz: :iconlaw44444:
72.Shade Flower *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconlaw44444:
73.Queen Rubeencha Seductive *4 :iconfinishedplz:
74.Queen Rubeencha *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz:
75.Queen Ambrosia *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:: :iconsiansaar:
76.Queen Myxine *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
77.Queen Miasma *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
78.Queen Caliphora *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
79.King Icewind Shard *5 Got Cold Card :iconredxplz:
80.Minister Morshar *4 :iconredxplz:
81.Clover Charm *5 Got Gold Card (Fliks Mom) :iconredxplz:
82.Emerald Glow *3 (Fliks Dad) :iconredxplz:
83.King Deception *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconadistroughtwolf:
84.(Forgot Name) :iconredxplz: :iconzoruaofepic:
85.Specter *3 :iconfinishedplz:
86.Shadow *3 :iconfinishedplz:
87.Filly Scarlet *4 :iconfinishedplz:
88.Argus *3 (One of main Researchers in Greywilds) :iconredxplz:
89.Google *3 :iconfinishedplz:
90.Fraus as Mist Pony *3 :iconredxplz:
91.Fraus as Changeling *3 :iconfinishedplz:
92.Danaus *4 :iconredxplz: :iconspyling:
93.Rivald *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
94.Scarlet *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
95.Narzissa *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
96.Lapis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
97.Oris *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
98.Kane *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
99.Grey Day *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :icongray--day:
100.Varessa *5 Got Golden Card :iconfinishedplz:

Progress on Kulon City Mod

Plaza District: :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Main Hall :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Barracks :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Isabelle Workshop :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Power Generator :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Prison :iconfinishedplz:
-Blacksmitch : Anvil of Levior :iconfinishedplz:
-Alchemist : Korlash Alchemy Shop :iconfinishedplz:
-Magic Shop : --------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Meadery : House of Drinks :iconfinishedplz:
-Card Shop : Grey-Card Shop :iconfinishedplz:
-Tavern : Club 1000 :iconfinishedplz:
-Rare Items Shop : Insane Dragon :iconfinishedplz:
-Guild House : Orchestra Guild :iconfinishedplz:
-Greywild Casino :iconfinishedplz:

Farm District : :iconfinishedplz:
-Mine :iconfinishedplz:
-Werehouse : ---------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Farmer House : --------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Maid Service House : ------------ :iconfinishedplz:
-Guild House : SCG HQ :iconfinishedplz:
-Mansion : Ignacy Mansion :iconfinishedplz:
-Temple of Mara : ---------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Burrower Tavern :iconfinishedplz:
-THE SHED!!! : ------- :iconfinishedplz:

City District : :iconfinishedplz:
32 Houses : (Basically copies with small difrences of small room) :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant Basement :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant 1f :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant 2f :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights Basment :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights 1f :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights 2f :iconfinishedplz:
Grand Temple : 7th Gate :iconfinishedplz:
Crypt : :iconfinishedplz:
Museum 1f : Oris House of Culture Displays :iconfinishedplz:
Museum 2f : Oris House of Culture Theater :iconfinishedplz:
Tavern : Yellow Lights Tavern: :iconfinishedplz:
Smuggler House : Cunning Cat Shop :iconfinishedplz:
Bank : :iconfinishedplz:
Bank Vault : :iconfinishedplz:

Castle District : :iconfinishedplz:
Throne Room :iconfinishedplz:
Living Quaters :iconfinishedplz:
Diplomacy Room :iconfinishedplz:
Living Rooms :iconfinishedplz:
Barracks :iconfinishedplz:

Oblivion Realm : :iconfinishedplz:

Cementary : :iconfinishedplz:

Flying Ship : :iconfinishedplz:

Player Guild House : :iconfinishedplz:

Vault (Will be prgrammed to more coins you leave in safe more decorations in vault appear) :iconfinishedplz: *Still testing scripts*

Armory :iconfinishedplz:

Leader Office (Will be programed to store income) :iconfinishedplz: *Still testing scripts*

Members Rest Rooms :iconfinishedplz:

Main Hall :iconfinishedplz:

Airship Port :iconfinishedplz:

NPC and their programing :iconredxplz:
Imported Items :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Weapons :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Armors :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Economy :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Spells :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Food :iconfinishedplz:
Made Cards : 1/3
Sighns for Shops and Other buildings :iconredxplz:
Custom Banners :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Shields :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Faction of Enemies :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Faction of Allies :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Caravans :iconredxplz:
Programed Enemy Assasins :iconredxplz:
Set Music Boxes :iconfinishedplz:
CreationKit 2016-03-29 14-19-23-17 by Lakword
Cards by Lakword
CreationKit 2016-03-29 14-20-04-06 by Lakword
Some pics of the progress (Not all uploaded to avoid too much spoilers XD) MLP flags are just shop of cards decoration. Other ones are either decorations or enemy and ally banners. Such as Scarmakers are main enemies and Iga guys will be main allies

Upload problem. Anyone knows a good site where I can upload the mod just for people with the link? Im afraid whole thing cant be puted in seperate packages once finished and it will be around 8GB big. Yes I know its big but its so much custom stuff and added there XD You cant expect city to be small file when almost everything there is custom. Also hope it will work good on other people PC. On my it works fine but I got 16GB Ram

This mod wont be public except the cards. But of course friends are welcome to play it as long as it wont be uploaded on any public site like steam or Nexus. Also I will need some help with testing and searching for bugs if there are any. Im super paranoid with triple cheking everything but in such huge material shulfe I may miss small thing like a rock covering void or something so I will be happy for help.

AND One last thing. Anyone can help me with texture? I got a texture for sighns for shops and stuff like that but its filled with some original game stuff. I sadly cant put clean wood texture on the existing thing without making it look bad. Anyone is good at this stuff perhaps and would be willing to help me?


Lakword's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Im officially oppening commisions now! Prices are listed below. Prices depend on what art I be required to draw or animate. Please read all before posting a comment.…

So... My progress so far ;)

Book about Flik...

Writting continues ^^

Cover - Prologe by Lakword

Chapter 1 - Fall of the Mist (100%)
Cover - Chapter 1 (Fall of the Mist) by Lakword

Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Greywilds (100%)
Cover - Chapter 2 (Welcome to the Greywilds) by Lakword

Chapter 3 - The Purge (10%)
Chapter 4 - A new life (0%)
Chapter 5 - The Fat Zebra (0%)
Chapter 6 - When everyone wants to get you (0%)
Chapter 7 - My name is Vella (0%)
Chapter 8 - The children of Varessa (0%)
Chapter 9 - The old tresure (0%)
Chapter 10 - Rubeencha cry (0%)
Chapter 11 - Chuuu... (0%)
Chapter 12 - The otherside of the medal (0%)
Chapter 13 - The traffic light changelings (0%)
Chapter 14 - One more wine bottle! (0%)
Chapter 15 - Hunter and the prey (0%)
Chapters after 15 (Still need to put them in order)

OC backstories

Flik - 100%

Vince - 90%

Vella - 40%

Kintaro - 45%

Trace -85%

Aspeni - 45%

Cream - 50%

Rubeencha - 70%

Scarlet - 95%

Oris - 50%

Lapis - 20%

Narzissa - 60%

Kane - 90%

Varessa - 99%

Eve - 100%

Shadow and Specter - 50%

Isabelle - 60%

My good DA friends :

:iconzeksmorshar: My Best DA friend. From time to time I need to shout at him and bring him back to order but I know he does the same for me when I need it. A friend I fight from time to time but in a good way. Thanks Zeks for being my friend on DA and in real as well :D

:iconw0nderbolts: A good friend to chat with no matter where I post a comment he always finds it XD Also Im such a big fan of his OC. Amanita rules!

:iconeisenfell: This fat Unicorn here is one of my good friends and actually first friend I made on DA... He is hard to talk to as hes very busy and tired a lot but I so tresure the fact that he is my friend :) Too bad hes so rarley on DA

:iconkittyfiction: My first real fan :) I really enjoy talking with her and her traditional art is just amazing... Please chek it out. Its really worth seeing. Also amazing RP partner :D

:iconsrmario: MY HERO! I so love his art style. I may not be as good as him but I do my best. *HUGS Reinflak*

:iconspyling: My DA family Brother. Me, him and Reinflak are a traffic light trio :D

:iconinsanespyro: Good gamer, good game critic, amazign voice actor and avarage troll. Thats Insane Spyro for you. One of my best buds on DA and Skype. Please watch this guy. He deserves support. Also please dont use key words like Banna when speaking to him or we all may end up in place we no want to be XD Also Spyro voices :icontracenightversionplz:

:iconraedin: This guy is a bit modest when he talks about his art but I can assure you he is one of the best artists Ive meet on DA. His style is a bit dark but I like it a lot!

:iconbard-of-void: One of my friends I think I did bit neglect in past few weeks. I really need to fix it

:iconmrkyuubi: Very talented and random voice actor. This guy always shares his opinion whenever I post some art. He also voices :iconkintarochangelingplz:

:icondrakon-fireblade: One of my friends on DA which did help me with chapter 3.Hes a very nice guy and a good friend on Skype :) he got awsome OC which really could use soem attention

:iconlaw44444: One of my friends whos OC is making your heart go warm when you see it. Also I find this guy amusing. So He deserves to be put in this list

:iconeqfazrael: A good friend from Skype and DA. Amazing music composer

:iconaz-derped-unicorn: A loyal friend on DA and Skype. I always can count on his honest opinion. He is awsome traditional artist and starting digital. I so need to learn few tricks from him XD

Im also a...

Safesleep-Fan-Button by sixpathsoffriendship
Summer Haze Fan Button by AceRome
Princess Luna Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Fluttershy Fan Button (Edited) by ButtonsMaker
Octavia Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Queen Chrysalis Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Zecora fan by Pixelated--Coffee
Lyra Fan Button by ButtonsMaker


Kane vs Rivald by Lakword
Kane vs Rivald
I wanted to draw something actually related to the story so here it is ;P

Kane fighting Rivald for like 7th time now and he still cant defeat him. Rivald holding back a lot and as always letting Kane retreat in hope next time will be talking instead of fight. While Kane as much as he hates the fact he cant defeat someone even after so many tries and the fact he was shown pity. Makes him enjoying the chance to meet someone who despite of being predictable is still unpredictable. After few more battles Kane saw this fight more as a friendly duel than an actual fight. Some time later when Rivald and Kane were finally on same team the respect betwen those two became a true friendship despite all the diffrences betwen them

Art by :iconlakword: *Thou I did use a base tutorial for Rivald pose Shadow Squierrle*
RIvald and Kane OC Belong to :iconlakword:
MLP Belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and Lauren Faust

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^

:iconalarmplz: Also interested in a commision? Send me a note :iconalarmplz:
Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting anything for a bit. I had some things going on like the visit of :iconspyling: at my place and some other home stuff. Also my mod on Skyrim had a minor setback as my Harddrive said FU to me and just stoped working. Thankfully my friend :iconspyling: was at place to fix the problem and helped me save like 98% of my current work from obliteration. Looks like I will have to readd some textures again and make few NPC as well. Still like I said 98% of work was saved. But I was set back with still quite  a bit. Plus I have to get used to Windows 10 now and some of my programs really dislike this new system. Especially my drawing program. It misses a lot of options it had before. 

Anyway to make it ironic. The harddrive died like 1 hour before I was about to put for safty all my stuff on new one as a backup. But after Doctor Spyling intervention we revired old one and added new one and saved everything we could ^^ Just I had to mvoe on Windows 10 which feels strange

As for good news Im back with drawing shedule even thou I be away for 4 days. Some cards I did plan to put may be replaced thou. Like I dont think I be putting Flik in difrent poses 5 times so I will make space for someone OC card or some show character. Probably the second one since those tend to give me some watchers. around 300 watchers in 4 years with around 400 art works is not a good score for artist Im afraid and not many of my friends actually did help me with promoting myself to the world with my arts or commisions

Also Im helping a modder with his project to civilization 5. Since Im doing cards of the show characters anyway I did alow him to use some of my works to his custom civilizations he plans to do

So yea. I guess that be everything I wanted to say :P Well not really

:iconw0nderbolts: STOP WITH FLIK AND LIPSTICK ATTACKS ON HIM! Its not even my fetish XD
:icongray--day: Why you forgeting about me so much? D: Is its cuz Im a small changeling? :P No cheesecake for you friend and no facehug from Flik on bday either

and of course... 

CHEESECAKE IS YUMMY! Ok now thats everything
BitterTaste Icon by Lakword
BitterTaste Icon
An Icon of Bitter taste as a bonus from the drawing made for :iconmemorynumber:

Art by :iconlakword:
Bitter Taste belongs to :iconmemorynumber:
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and lauren Faust

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^

:iconalarmplz: Also interested in a commision? Send me a note :iconalarmplz:
BitterTaste by Lakword
The well known Tumblr OC... I think so at least ^^ Bitter Taste

On a hot day one is not even in a mood to be bitter and mean so brake is in order to regain power for such important tasks. You know. Ponies and changelings wont insult themselfs :P So a nice cup of delicious tea and some special icecream treat is just what a pony like Bitter Taste needs to have a nice and calm relaxing day... Unless someone interupts her with some stupid question again and ruin the moment. Anyway go visit this guy page and ask him some strange questions on tumblr. We dont want bitter Taste to be jobless ^^ Anyway she will be placed on one of the cards for the mod ^^

Art by :iconlakword:
Bitter Tate OC belongs to :iconmemorynumber:
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and lauren Faust

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^

:iconalarmplz: Also interested in a commision? Send me a note :iconalarmplz:

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